About Me

I've always loved playing around with computers and telling them what to do, ever since I was a little kid.

In Grade 9, I started learning the basics of programming, starting with HTML and JavaScript. It was here that I realized how much of an impact could be made by working with others on code.

I found many useful tools such as Bootstrap to create websites, and jQuery to manipulate them. But I shocked at the fact that they were all free for everyone to use.

Soon, through the accessibility of Github and open source, I realized how easy it was for anyone to push code that could potentially help thousands, if not millions of people.
It was this power and purpose that motivated me to keep learning how to code, even if it was challenging.

Since then, I have tried to create much of an impact as possible through code.

From joining a company that helps new innovative startups create apps and realize their ideas, to contributing to open source and starting my own projects, I try to create as much of a change and impact as I can through my work.

You can find out more about my projects here: My Projects
You can see my resume here: My Resume